Men's brand "the only officially designated clothing custom brand"

A few days ago, brand men and China International Digital Entertainment Expo Organizing Committee formally signed a cooperation agreement, becoming the tenth ChinaJoy and Jin Ling Award ceremony, CGDA awards ceremony three industry top brand activities co-organizers and "the only officially designated Clothing custom brand. " This is another series of top brands in 2011 following the successful cooperation of the World Old-fashioned Car China Open, Chinese Formula Grand Prix, and the 4th China Ya'an International Panda-Animal and Nature Film Week. Jinling Award Presentation Ceremony poster ChinaJoy is the third international third-largest game show after the E3 show in the United States and the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. The men of the model co-host the 10th ChinaJoy and Jin Ling Award and the CGDA Award Ceremony. As the only official apparel Customized brand "will be customized for the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee senior suits, shirts, ties and volunteers T-shirts and other apparel, will also organize a variety of public relations activities, inviting microblogging fans and friends from all walks of life and the majority of gamers attention and support ChinaJoy Game Show, Jin Ling Award and CGDA Award Ceremony jointly witnessed the development and growth of China's digital interactive entertainment industry. It announced the 2011 Jin Award for symbolic game "Oscars" and the CGDA Award, which represents China's top game research and development strength. Organizing Committee awarded to the men "s only official custom apparel brand custom certificate" ChinaJoy sponsored by China International Digital Entertainment Expo Organizing Committee, the People's Republic of China Press and Publication Administration, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese people Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Republic of China, General Administration of Sport of China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, support from National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China, Beijing Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China Publishers Association Game Publishing Working Committee. ChinaJoy held a year, including the release of new products, game accounts, Cosplay show, eSports, Gold Ling Award and many other content. Among them, "Jin Ling Award" as the majority of game players throughout the country as the jury selected judges reflect the aspirations of players public awards, is an important part of ChinaJoy, known in the game industry as the game "Oscars" is one of the most real show the majority of players Will of the "Chinese game charts." CGDA is China's first selection contest to promote the pooling, selection and recognition of outstanding game producers and teams in China. CGDA will select the strongest indigenous game production team in China and award trophies, which symbolize China's top game development strength. Model men's clothing is Beijing cool gentry Clothing Co., Ltd. under the men's fashion brand online custom, with cool gentleman 16 years of professional wear customized skills and services National Grand Theater, Capital Airport, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Palace Museum and other units of the successful experience of the use of original Password customization and limited edition import and export fabric for industrialization of a person cut version of the production. 2 years on the line, has many well-known actors, column hosts and business people custom clothing. Type men's men in the attention elite men's dress needs, but also for more social contributions to contribute their strength. Successively co-sponsored the 2011 World Classic Car China Open, CFGP Chinese Formula Grand Prix, the Fourth International Panda - Animal and Nature Film Week and other high-end public relations activities, carry forward the brand culture of sentiment, fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote brand communication, was the people Daily News, Science and Technology Daily, China Business, Hunan Satellite TV, Gansu Satellite TV and many other media coverage of the interview, the development of China's men's first online custom brands.

The Kids Footwear collection of JNPFOOTWEAR emphasize in safe and comfortable.

Most of our kids footwear export to Europe and America markets, so all the materials should pass the test. It not only about test itself, as parents , we also want our kids to wear safe kids footwear, so we pay more attention about this part.

Comfortable is another part, we pay more attention on , cause ,kids foot haven't grown up, so they need more foot arch support, so we also pay more attention about that part. 

Also kids should have a colourful and happy childhood, so we also hope our kids footwear is colourful and funny for kids. So we make new styles every years ,especially new colour ,materials for our kids footwear collections.

If you have any comments of our kids footwear collections, feel free to let us know. Your comments are always precious for us.

Kids Footwear

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