Northern Xinjiang cotton spot prices rose, companies look bearish

On December 6th, the quotation of 3 grade lint from Hutubi and Manas in Xinjiang was quoted at 19,800-19,900 yuan per ton (gross weight, delivery within the factory, non-compliance with deposit conditions), which was RMB 200-300/t higher than that in November. . Some ginning enterprises in the northern part of the country are bearish on the market, and due to the pressure of repayment, they will all compete for the lint that meets the deposit conditions. Lints that do not meet the deposit conditions will be processed directly in the factory or on the platform. psychological. According to industry analysts, the current cotton spreads at home and abroad have been expanded to more than RMB 2,000/tonne (far month). After the cotton companies have processed and stored the goods, they can instead purchase high-grade cotton supplements at low prices, which can reduce a large part of the risk, but in 2012, The issue of quotas is subject to a large number of variables. Orders for cotton orders must be carefully handled.

The northern Xinjiang cotton enterprises generally stated that the prices of Zhengmian and Fuzhou electronic discs rebounded under the triple effect of economy, policies, and funds, giving cotton companies space to hedge. At present, there is no improvement in downstream demand. Cotton consumption has already entered into the cold winter ahead of time. In the short term, the cotton market will be dominated by the economic situation, state collection, storage, and capital chain. High demand pressures, and there will be low revenues, so the recent Xinjiang There will be no significant fluctuations in cotton prices.


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