Reflections on China's seal stone market

With the rapid development of China's economy, the cultural and art market is unprecedentedly prosperous. The Chinese market for "four famous stones", mainly represented by Shoushan Stone in Fujian, Inner Mongolia Balinshi, Zheyan Tianshi and Zhejiang Changhua, is hot. For many years, prices have continued to rise. This article conducts research and analysis on this market phenomenon, proposes countermeasures and suggestions for major problems, and looks ahead at market trends.

First, the main factors for continued price increase 1. Outside the market, the external environment of power reform and opening up, the steady development of China's economy, and the flourishing of the cultural and art market are one of the decisive factors that have led to the explosion of the Chinese seal stone market.

2. In the market, China's seal stone market has been developing rapidly. One is the unified development and operation of Inner Mongolia Balinshi resources, brand value excavation, the promotion of the status of China's seal stone in the art market, which led to higher prices; the second is the innovation of Fujian Shoushan Stone exchange model, and the boost of platform innovation. The role of the seal stone collection, the art has changed the way of communication, promoted the collections into the market circulation, the construction of the platform, the cultural works of art and their raw materials can ****, lead to "living water", leading to investment structure All the historic landmark changes. Institutional investors and individual investors, such as fish and water, made the "stone" in the Chinese seal stone market provoke thousands of waves, and the era that has attracted millions of enthusiasts to embark on the waves began. The third is the Shoushan Stone and Zhejiang Stones in Fujian. , Zhejiang Changhua stone carving, cutting skills and other non-material cultural value has greatly increased the pulling role; Fourth, China's seal stone quality resources are gradually scarce, more and more people involved in forming an inverse relationship, once the imbalance of supply and demand, more than a few On the other hand, the basic reason is that the market is booming and prices continue to rise.

3. The dual value of China's seal stone was found to have the dual nature of the economic value and cultural value of China's seal stone, which has been seen by more and more people as “clear”, exotic goods and huge commercial interests, attracting more and more people. participate. Since ancient times, literati have had a lot of influence on stone and stone appreciation. Some successful people feel that they are "not rich in stone," and some collectors regard it as a "collection of happiness" as a collection of printed stones, which has become a fashion. Many traditional cultural concepts have subtly become the intangible promoters of China's four famous stone markets.

4. Driven by the appreciation of cultural connotations (1) The advantage of mineral resources in Shoushan, Fujian Province has been transformed into an advantage in the cultural industry. It has realized “the butterfly” and has become a cultural name card. It mainly inherits the intangible cultural skills and relies on the carving masters “knife work” to develop. In addition, innovation and communication methods were used to create a platform for the development of the trading market and provide a new growth point for local economic development strategies. Some of the famous Shoushan stone products and boutiques have been swallowed by the “black hole” and the other part has entered the museum and become exhibits or sample materials, reducing the circulation of high-end products in the market. Most of the "Shoushan Stones" currently circulated in the market are "second and third line stocks," but there are also the phenomenon of "dark horse" and "shell concept". However, people who came to Taobao at home and abroad have followed suit. Bustling and greedy, black rushed into the stone market as early as possible. They spent a lot of money and spent a lot of money in exchange for large piles of stones.

(2) The advantage of Balin Quarry Mineral Resources has been transformed into a market advantage. It is advancing towards cultural industries. Bahrain is full of stone and gas. There are many famous brands and fine products as support, and the strategy of brand promotion is implemented. Stones with “blood” are used to open the road of development. There are great many latecomers to the top of the trend, the biggest feature is the "corps" combat, play a leading role in the group, rather than fighting alone, can form a fist, fighting the market is fast and powerful, not only spurred the local economy, but also promoted the local The rapid development of cultural undertakings, the increasing strength of Bahraini stone, and the accelerating upgrading of cultural content, the initial formation of a new industrial chain in China's seal stone market, the discovery of a mining resource exploitation, market development, arts and crafts processing, construction of trading venues , to set up an arts festival, set up a cultural economy to sing operas, and take the road of supporting development.

(3) The production, sales, and prices of cultural arts, including sculptures, seal carvings, and arts and crafts processing, have been steadily strengthened and stabilized for many years. The appreciation boosted the price of Chinese seal stone. Qingtian Stone is rich in funds in overseas Chinese townships, and it has also created new trading methods. 'Yiyi Yishi' has transactions, Qingtian stone works have the artistic atmosphere, and most of them are large stones. There are many realistic stone works, wide themes, and wide sales. With a large volume of transactions, the market pulls a large amount of action and prices continue to rise.

5. Boosting Roles and Achievements The Chinese seal stone market has boosted employment and promoted the rapid development of the cultural industry. According to incomplete statistics, large and medium-sized cities across the country, 'second and third tier cities', and various scenic spots all have seal stone sales outlets. All antique, antique and arts and crafts monopoly markets have Chinese seal stone trading venues. Not only are they fully covered in China, they have also become global and have driven employment to millions. The total valuation of the market assets of the seal stone market in China, stock assets (mineral resources) + variable assets (circulation collections etc.) + intangible assets (intangible assets such as sculpture, seal carving, arts and crafts processing, collections, etc.) One hundred billion yuan has initially formed a new driving force that boosts the development of the national economy and promotes national culture.

Second, the main problems 1. The disorder of the development of the industry was severe due to the large number of domestic chop stone origins and the variety of products. There are indications that secretly exploited stones whose origins are unknown are often put on the market without knowing where they are, like what type of stone they pretend to be. . Zheyan Tianshi "Fengmenqing" has appeared in "three generations" of counterfeit goods, and now "Shanbao" has become a counterfeit object. Shoushan "Tianhuangshi" counterfeiters have emerged in an endless stream, and various types of counterfeit famous stone species abound. There is a rule: As long as it is a brand-name variety, follow the shadow of counterfeit brand stone as the follow-up, leading to increased production, variety, grade, and distinction. A variety of counterfeit and dangerous seals were thrown into the eyes, and merchants, experts, and small business hawkers ran out of money.

Some media and the so-called appraisal agencies are also indiscriminately insecure, equipped with experts, equipped with clear understanding, indiscriminate appraisal, and randomly issuing certificates. They do not have any appraisal qualifications, do not understand professional skills, and are professional, cross-industry, and do not know how to pretend to understand and steal professional concepts. The world's most famous experts and fraudulent pirates have had a large number of big flickers in the seal stone market. They “eat on” and eat **, referring to the deer as a horse. The problems existing in the “virtual” market on the Internet are even more complicated. The published pictures do not have “parameters” and do not reveal the origin, variety, size or weight, texture, and other basic data. They rely on the Internet to engage in stealth techniques and play in hidden time. Deception, misappropriation of other people's information, sky-high prices, and some even do not have images, rely on text description flicker buyers.

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