Théophile truly meets the consumer needs of oriental women

Topofair brand is a French company with nearly a century history and is still active in the French fashion industry, a senior brand positioning high-end women's brand , in order to showcase this brand of features from 2008 onwards, in nearly a year During the time, members of Théophile's China operations carried out a great deal of careful and meticulous work ranging from product to store image to marketing planning, especially the adjustment of Théophile and the Chinese market, in order to satisfy Théophile who will appear on the market Oriental women's consumer demand.


In the ancient romance of the rich red mellow, to maintain its elegant femininity and magical romantic elements, and with the Eastern subtle and elegant style of fusion, for China to bring a romance without losing the oriental charm of the low-key luxury style.


Taiofilu Théophile targeted at low-key luxury unique style of the high-class women's clothing, the face of the city's Mature women group (brand target core age is 32-38 years of age, extension of age is divided into 28-31 years old and 39-4 years old), with a low-key luxury temperament style to give the sense of value of clothing art, but also contains the details of the decorative arts, noble and simple tone in the pursuit of the proportion of luxury changes to show the sense of value of clothing.

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