Fish brand ladies 2015 autumn and winter new embroidery series

The poet writes poetry and the artist expresses his paintings. Embroidery is based on the use of a needle as a pen, ink as a line, and affection for all things, depicting the poetic imagery of oriental women. Since the beginning of its establishment, “fishing” has taken the mission of “inheriting Eastern culture”. Embroidery, as a representative of traditional Chinese culture, has always been the most important design element of “fishing”. Designers in-depth exploration of Eastern and Western cultures, from the creative inspiration, the use of modern design techniques to reproduce the ancient charm of this traditional embroidery.


/ Embroidery Interpretation / Embossing the delicate fragrance of ancient flavors and embroidered fabrics, using the artistic conception of Oriental Zen, interlacing contrasts, blends, and collages into an ancient scroll, creating a faint blue mystic temperament with light and rainy colors and evolving a blue print New literary appearance.

Yufu Women's 2015 autumn and winter patch embroidery <Jinse Huanian> Series

â–³ Porter Red Sleeve Dress F15D0129

The contrasting colors reveal a mysterious old scroll. The designer collided with the corduroy in the warm fleece to make the burgundy dress a retro style.

â–³Dovetail blue wool coat F15D3071

A large area of ​​appliqué embroidery blooms on the faint blue woolen coat, as if the moon shines in the sea, quiet and elegant, and feel the leisurely oriental Zen.

â–³ black half skirt F15D7011

Patchwork embroidered patchwork gives the secluded black glow, and the clean lustre adds an elegant mood to the simple skirt.

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