Gray lace take the dress full of elegance

What kind of sparks will be wiped out by the combination of simple gray and sexy lace? This winter gray underlay lace dress to make you show your elegance.


Do not always think that gray always brings a sense of depression, gray actually can be very fresh, you see light gray dress chest and hem lace to show your woman's sense of love, not the same splicing design allows you Show their trend Fan, with coats or down jacket can be very attractive it; dark gray dress is more a big woman's taste, is also the use of stitching style, a combination of a variety of fabrics to show your good taste.

灰色蕾丝内搭连衣裙 尽显优雅气质

The same is a gray dress, but such a unique design can better show your charming sense of waist, skirts, sleeves and chest lace are showing your grace, a little cashmere combination of warm and stylish, bumpy and have caused The body is fully exposed, this winter you can not ignore the charming scenery.

Picture credit: Thousands of Hundred Womenswear

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