You know the pros and cons of packing are related to polypropylene

Packing belts (PP, PET) are divided into PP packing belts (also called polypropylene packing belts) and PET packing belts (also called plastic packing belts). They are produced using polypropylene and PET polyester as raw materials, respectively, suitable for different weights and different objects. The package needs.
Brief description: PP packing belts and PET packing belts are all widely used plastic environmental protection packing belts. PP packing belts have been produced in China for more than 30 years. PET packing belts also have a history of more than 20 years in China.
Since many products are now on sale, what should be done for packing. The pros and cons of packing are directly related to polypropylene purity.
There are many kinds of packaging tapes on the market today: pure polypropylene, polypropylene packaging tape plus masterbatch, polypropylene plus recycled material, polypropylene plus recycled material and masterbatch. The packing tape produced from pure polypropylene is fully transparent, the packaging ground from polypropylene and masterbatch is translucent, the packing tape produced from polypropylene and recycled materials is basically not transparent, and the packaging tape produced from polypropylene plus masterbatch and recycled material is produced. Totally opaque. There is also a packing belt for the production of whole recycled material and calcium carbonate powder sandwich material. The packing tape produced by the completely recycled material is relatively soft, and the surface of the sandwich material belt is only the raw material, and the rest is calcium carbonate powder (lime powder).
The quality of the strap depends entirely on the purity of the polypropylene. The higher the purity of the polypropylene, the better the pulling force of the strap. Therefore, when using and buying, you should see the polypropylene content in the packing tape. This is directly related to the quality of the package.
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