Some simple accessories will make the suit impatient

↑ Suit is the eternal theme of men, whether it is business elite or fashionistas, suits are essential for men's wardrobe, but how to put on a suit dazzling? This requires some peripheral support and lit! Many people think that the pocket bag can be used only when wearing a formal Suit, but this is actually a mistake. The right choice is whether it is a formal suit or a casual suit. Everyone can match it. Exquisite index. Clutch a vivid color handbag can often become a whole body with bright spots, so choose to hit the color handbag with your dark-colored suit appears overcrowded and dazzling. In addition, the leather handbag will be very significant temperament, enhance the texture of a trick that is leather appliances! Sunglasses fashion essentials is a must have single sunglasses, even if the big cloudy, sunglasses are part of the shape, and the sun is not so directly related. But after wearing it fashion index biu ~ biu ~ biu straight up! How a watch man can not have an elegant watch, it is a symbol of your identity, but also for your dress to enhance the sense of quality. If you can according to your suit style, it is more perfect! However, no matter how much publicity and spare parts publicity, a classic style, calm colors suit to lead everything!


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