Entrepreneurship double eleven also carnival: Qian Shi Seoul store to send double points

Not yet entered in November when the ecommerce double eleven carnival has been uproarious, all kinds of red envelopes and coupons have the world. Lively online, it seems that our offline store deserted. However, the offline store is not as deserted as we would like to, with various activities coming one after another.


Double eleven selling, Qian Shi Er underwear certainly not to be missed! As long as you at the Qian Shi store one-time purchase of regular-priced products, enjoy the "double points" activities. However, it should be noted that: Customers of the current month only enjoy double points, double birthday bonus points and this promotion can not be carried out at the same time. Of course, there are special products and promotional items we do not participate in this event.

Sisi Er underwear double eleven activities are underway, do not know if you have our Sisier underwear brand stores it? If so, may wish to go to the store for their own purchase of several sets of conditioning underwear sets; if not, do not be impatient, we Qian Shi Er underwear are undergoing market expansion, soon able to send Qian Shi Er underwear to your city ​​of.

Of course, if you do not have the presence of our store, you have the intention to know and join, now you can send messages or to call Qian Xier Er underwear. Qian Shi Er underwear brand enterprises will be the first time to get in touch with you to negotiate to join the matter.

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