"Twin Code" movie LEAGEL example ladies exclusive ladies clothing sponsor

In November 8, 2013 national release "twin password" LEAGEL example ladies become the exclusive sponsor, the Hollywood team Hong Kong star co-large, the country released the twins password editor directed by the Hongkong strength director Liang Kaijie, Jonathan Cosrander, Yang Yumei, Ji Feilong, Shen Chaijuan starring, Sun Xing, Luo Jiaying, Lu Haipeng, Jiang Haowen starring action movie starring suspense giant movie.


Cases of the company has more than 10,000 square meters of modern design research and development and production and processing base, with more than 100 high-quality professional management personnel, and more than 300 skilled technical personnel. Companies learn from advanced management at home and abroad, formed its own unique human resources, research and development, sales and service, finance, quality, production, logistics and other standardized management. The company is equipped with a comfortable, warm, human-like office buildings and dormitory living area, with a spacious, bright, clean curtain air-conditioned workshop; all the introduction of Italy, Japan and other advanced production equipment and design systems, using advanced technology at home and abroad, the use of High-grade popular fabrics, to produce high-end fashion women's clothing-based medium-sized apparel business, thus ensuring product quality and market competitiveness.

Case LEAGEL brand women under the Dongguan City, the case of Ge Clothing Co., Ltd., is a collection of product development, design, production and marketing of modern high-end women's clothing brand enterprises. Case LEAGEL brand originated in Italy, style integration with the most popular elements and cultural heritage in Europe, the mature combination of skills and fashion boutique and oriental culture as the main body. Sample women dare to absorb the world's fashion trends and fashion elements, joined the East design Concept, to create a new generation of urban women's unique, fashion, personality, example Women's dress contains the exciting style of design, evolving, filling urban women's fashion, personality, elegance and elegance of the charm to create a noble female side, Let a woman be more confident.

    Its function is hydraulic control system can be found in the storage of energy, the elimination of lash, the compensation of seepage, the supply of uninterrupted energy, the transfer and maintenance of pressure.

    Its funtions in the hydraulic systems can be found in the avoidance of pipe element damage, the increase of equipment life, the reduction of losses caused by operation suspension, the stabilization of the performance of hydraulic systems, and the saving energy.

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