Fur new single product to teach you how to mix fur style

Blink of an eye into the fall and winter seasons, the fur is also the stage, the theme of autumn and winter will never be outdated fur mix, then what style fur popular, and how to look good with it? This fall and winter Leaky Women teach you how to match style fur.


(Source: Women's clothing 2013 new autumn and winter models)

Fur is a super grade dress, this fur vest, is suitable for this season to wear, undefeated fashion items, yellow fur vest with black ride, handsome and personality, autumn and winter can also show the body, black leather shorts or Short skirts match, superior temperament.

皮草新款单品 教你皮草款式怎么搭配

(Source: Women's clothing 2013 new autumn and winter models)

Sapphire is a more steady color, more stylish than black sapphire blue, this treasure blue fur coat lady temperament to wear out, take the treasure blue check dress, elegant and noble temperament is not to say oh, this Autumn and winter fur styles make you more confident.

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