How to better maintain ancient jade

There are many friends who are looking for ways to maintain ancient jade on the Internet. There are indeed many online methods. Today, Xiaobian also introduces some tips on how to better maintain jade. What is the difference? Let's see it!


First: grease

Many people think that applying grease to jade can make the jade more delicate and full of luster. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The oil may block the "pores" on the surface of the jade, so that the dust is deposited inside the jade. Over time, Affect the quality of jade. Therefore, not only can not apply grease to the jade, but instead try to stay away from the grease in daily maintenance.

Second: booty

People were surprised to find that the jade unearthed at the beach is more prone to breakage than other places. After scientific research, the original radon or astringency contains chemical substances, such as halogen salts, which will cause corrosion of jade, so the maintenance of jade Be sure to stay away from stolen goods.

Third: pollution

If the surface of the jade is stained, it is easy to plug the "pores" of the jade, affecting the smoothness and luster of the jade. Therefore, it is common practice to develop a good habit of cleaning jade.

Fourth: Fire

When the ancient jade is close to the fire source or exposed to sunlight for a long time, it is easy to cause "fading". At the same time, the high temperature will cause the structure of the jade to change and break.

Fifth: ice

Similar to the high temperature principle, the low temperature will also cause the internal jade to break. At low temperatures, the color of the jade will gradually become mediocre.

Sixth: ginger water

When the jade is contaminated with filth, it can't be removed with ginger water. Although ginger water is a deodorant, it will affect the jade and contact the ancient jade.

Seventh: falling

Due to its characteristics, the ancient jade is most likely to be violently collided and rubbed, otherwise cracks are easily generated. Some small collisions, although not visible on the surface, may also cause cracks in the internal structure of the ancient jade. Therefore, in daily life, we must properly protect the jade.

The above is Xiaobian's method of how to better maintain jade according to the daily contact we often touch, I hope friends like it!

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