Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019A/W丨JIWENBO: Urban Women's Day Wear Proposal

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Brand Name: JIWENBO

Established: 2010

An original designer brand that offers high-end ready-to-wear and haute couture customization. I hope to turn life into art by shaping a lifestyle that has JIWENBO traits. "Personality" and "luxury" are the inherent qualities of JIWENBO. "Structure and deconstruction" is the way in which products are released.

JIWENBO's "Chinese-Western integration" is different. It does not stick to the Western structuralist design, but applies this theory to clothing in a large amount, and combines it with the Chinese cultural heritage that the designer himself has always cultivated. For example, the new series of JIWENBO2019, inspired by the European Baroque style, can still find a Chinese-style charm in it. The unique Chinese collar, gown and girdle reveal the designer Mr. Ji Wenbo. The practice of Chinese cultural heritage is the source of creation.

Through the stacking of three-dimensional folds, supplemented by ruffles and bows, the designer injects a feminine atmosphere into the sharp and crisp lines, highlighting the rationality of urban women without losing the soft side. And to find a balance between the independence and interoperability of the single product, so that unique items can be matched with countless sets of daily clothing. No clothes to wear? nonexistent.

About the designer

   Ji Wenbo

Internationally renowned fashion designer, winner of the “Golden Top Award”, the highest award for Chinese fashion designers. China's first Chinese designer and brand to be featured in the official calendar of Milan Fashion Week. It was also the first Chinese designer to enter Tokyo Fashion Week as a foreign designer.

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