PALALACO PALONGACO latest brand men's urban men's elegant aesthetic taste and taste

Founded in 1997, Shanghai Paragon Accor Garments Co., Ltd. introduces the famous Italian menswear brand "PAL ONGACO" to the Chinese market. PAL ONGACO devotes itself to the design and manufacture of high-class business casual men's wear. In the design style, based on Italy, to grasp the international trend, in the market demand and elegant fashion to create a kind of almost perfect, awe-inspiring balance. Its design style is not limited to the two clear boundaries of the trend and the traditional, not the blind pursuit of fashion. In each season, can combine the characteristics of the market, using the latest fashion trends, closely around their own brand characteristics perfect interpretation of the latest models. Dipped in the rich Italian-style PAL ONGACO men, in the vitality, elegance and fashion found an astonishing balance, so that the high-end costumes and its wearers Blanc, truly brings men fine, elegant, stylish yet handsome . PAL ONGACO autumn and winter design theme from the company's positioning of the high brand of Park Rank: "casual fashion, noble taste, the successful men enjoy life." Launched the "classic business, British elegance, the future of the industry," the three major product lines, full interpretation of the urban fashion men's style, reflecting the urban man elegant aesthetic taste and taste. All along, the Park high Ya adhere to exquisite, elegant, stylish, rigorous brand point of view, while focusing on all functional styles and practicality, and can be fashion elements flowing through the details and clothing, the product as a whole Has a unique style and charm. First-class environment, harmonious atmosphere, strict standards, win-win relationship is the basic principle of sustainable development of Bolangya.

I love Christmas. It`s my favourite time of year. So, it seems only fitting that my Christmas Advent Calendar should bring together a few more of my most fav things.

The christmas advent calendar is big, eye-catching, vintage-esque and gives just a subtle nod to the festive season.New theme, for example, unicorn, traditional, magic elf, winter woodland and so on, you could choose one  on your chirstmas advent calendar.We also provide exclusive design for all customer, welcome to contact us.

Christmas Advent Calendar

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