QUEENSTORY attended the 2011 China International Fashion Week annual awards ceremony

November 1 night, Mercedes - Benz China International Fashion Week 2011 China Fashion Awards annual awards ceremony was held in Beijing Hotel, South pear Ms. product planning manager, director and Mr. Du Jinglong QUEEN STORY China, invited to attend.


The ceremony was sponsored by Mercedes - Benz and started with the 2012 Spring / Summer Haute Couture Press Conference. This conference featuring " Sea ......" gave a wonderful visual feast for 800 audiences. Stage stands with white sailing, simple but imposing, the combination of sea blue light and shadow, 28 sets of new fashion, but also filled with the atmosphere of the sea, elegant blue is the main spring and summer next year, the main color, blue quiet Women's elegance has become more depth. Awards ceremony gathered in the stars, the fashion industry, fashion celebrities joined together. As a representative of South Korea's international high-end women's clothing brand QUEEN STORY was invited to attend the awards ceremony.


With the 15th China Fashion Design " Golden Summit Award " , the 17th China Top Ten Fashion Designers, China International Fashion Week 2011 Brand Award and China Fashion Awards 2011 Best Fashion Designer, Best Professional Fashion Model, The best makeup stylist, best fashion photographer, best fashion commentator and other awards were announced here. The nine- day Mercedes - Benz China International Fashion Week ( Spring-Summer 2012 ) ended successfully.

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