Indonesia's textile and apparel exports index is down to 13.1 billion U.S. dollars this year

The Indonesian Textile Industry Association (API) is concerned about the growing global crisis, and revised its export target this year, from the original US$13.6 billion to US$13.1 billion.

API General Adelaide said that the impact of exports began to be felt in September. The results of inspections conducted by various companies showed that their exports dropped by an average of 1% to 2%. Indonesia's textiles were mainly exported to Europe and the United States. The United States accounted for 36% of total exports, while European countries accounted for 14%. In spite of this, the export adjustment will not be too big. The new export target of 13.1 billion U.S. dollars is still 16.75% higher than last year's 11.212 billion U.S. dollars.

As for the export target for the next year, he admits that due to uncertainties in the world's economic development, it is temporarily impossible to calculate the next year's target. Normally, the figure can be determined in October. However, he estimates that exports will increase by less than 10% next year.

He said that exports are still able to grow because they are sold to Europe and the United States, and they are turning to China and ASEAN, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, because of their Reduced the impact of price increases on Chinese products due to increased domestic production costs.

He believes that the government must take action to overcome crisis impacts in real time, for example, to improve the competitiveness of domestic industries and to ensure the certainty of supplying gas to industries through the construction of infrastructure and the provision of infrastructure. In addition, the government should step up discussions with the EU and Australia on the free trade agreement.

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