National library collection of books available

The reader only needs to open a website to browse the collections of books and related materials in libraries across the country. In addition to the Internet, the readers will also use mobile phones, handheld readers, televisions and other media – this is the country launched in Beijing the day before yesterday. A picture portrayed by the Digital Library Promotion Project.

This cultural project will center on the National Digital Library and use technical means to connect the nation’s heterogeneous digital library system to a very large digital library, and will follow up on mobile phones, digital TVs, and Internet TVs. The development of new media ultimately allows each institution, family, and public to have their own digital library. By the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the full coverage of the network system of digital libraries in provinces (autonomous regions), cities, counties, townships (towns), and villages (communities) will be basically established. According to the relevant person in charge of the National Map, at present, as the pilot provinces of Shandong and Xiamen, the nation’s digital library resources have been shared, built, shared, and fully covered.

It is reported that the National Digital Library Project, which was built under the auspices of Guotu, has been under construction since 2005 and has achieved initial results. As of the end of December this year, its digital resource holdings will reach 480TB (1TB equals 1024GB), and resource types include text, images, audio, video, network resources and other forms. In the future, a library resource sharing platform will be set up. This is a concept similar to the construction of Taobao. After the platform was established, each library has its own interface. Everyone puts resources on it and achieves overall national planning and sharing. This means that in the future, readers can use the Internet to scouring all over the world. (Author: Zong)

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