Business: Dingou clothing achieves a “win-win” situation

The predecessor of Dingou was Dongguan Mingyi Clothing Co., Ltd., which once entered the clothing development and production field with the brand “MEA Famous Clothing”, and took the first step of corporate operation, from design to production, from sales to management, With continuous improvement in all aspects, the wholesale system is officially transformed into an order system, and the road of professional brand management is formally adopted.
In 2009, the top management made a decisive decision and formally established a strategic plan based on design as the core and market-oriented, and paid more attention to the management norms of the enterprise. In the same year, the development of the operation center was relocated to Guangzhou, and was formally established in December. Guangzhou Dingou Fashion & Fashion Co., Ltd. is now an integrated brand operator integrating design, production, management, sales and logistics with the “MIXTIE” brand. Dingou customers are mainly partners and consumers. From the beginning to the present, Dingou has been adhering to the concept of “win-win-win” customer, and believes that strategy is a way to realize the vision, only to clarify what they are currently relying on. "And where the future is going" can only be a development path. During the 12-year development of Dingou, the development strategy planned by management every year has always pointed to the “win-win” customer concept and won the support and encouragement of partners and consumers. If corporate members do not reach consensus on this strategy, such as: Who is the customer? What support does the company rely on? What is the core of the company's strategy? And other reasons will cause problems for the development of the company.

Dingou achieves "win-win" rely on the trust of partners
Since the establishment of the company, it has been opening an agent joining channel, attracting the attention of many franchisees because of its marketing concept of “creating value for customers”. For franchisees, there is no need to worry about the decoration and display of the stores; there is no need to worry about the risks of cross-season orders; there is no need for pressure on stocks, which undoubtedly reduces the enormous investment pressure.
And, with the expansion model that the clothing brand usually adopts as the general agent, franchisees, Dingou completely adopts unified management and market-oriented strategic planning in the channel, and pays more attention to communication with franchisees. Each franchisee shop directly Connect with the headquarters. This means that Dingou’s franchised stores are copies of the headquarters’s directly-operated stores but they also focus on local conditions. Each franchisee is an investor in the channel. As long as the franchisees own the store’s resources and some funds, they can operate the terminal. The actual operation management is handed to the headquarters.
Dingou's joining mode is not an independent operating principle in the apparel industry. Because of its high requirement for the trader's overall control ability, especially the entire industry chain, the internal management and processes are further optimized in 2010. The company has improved six centers: human resource management center, product research and development center, Production management center, marketing management center, commodity logistics center, financial management center. Establishing a competitive bastion in the apparel industry. If from 1998 till now, the time and cost of Dingou’s efforts to create a system model has made it difficult for the latecomers to surpass. Then Dingou’s successful operation experience with more than 200 franchise agencies has helped The integration of the upstream supply chain allows it to display its investment value.
In recent years, Dingou has embarked on the road of professional integrated brand operation. Dingou's primary condition for joining partners is to help each other find the best store. If the other party is familiar with the store's resources and the surrounding markets, Dingou provides the brand. , innovative business models, high-quality and highly competitive products, and professional management teams, etc., it is easier for both parties to reach a win-win cooperation.
Due to the fact that Dingou’s products directly enter the cooperative stores directly from the manufacturers through the logistics and distribution system, the unnecessary costs in the circulation are subtracted; on the other hand, the merchandise sales department formulates the plan for compensating seasonal products according to the sales and inventory conditions. The logistics center dispatches the goods to the partners in time according to the delivery instructions. On the other hand, the terminal stores also timely deliver the slow-moving or stocked goods to other stores or departments according to the deployment instructions. What is achieved is the allocation of headquarters, shortening the time to market, close to the market demand, and accelerating the turnover rate of funds. The partners have basically reduced the loss of inventory.
At the beginning of the business, Dingou has a stable cooperation relationship with many fabric suppliers in the industry. In addition, Dingou has its own design team and production workshop, and has sufficient understanding of the industry chain and certain resources. At the same time, Dingou’s powerful information management system allows partners to investigate the sales of their products in real time. In the near future, Dingou will establish a complete national distribution network and after-sales service system, and also plans to increase the degree of online publicity to achieve online ordering, real shop receipt, to achieve simultaneous online and offline integration, increase sales of joined agents . Dingou's "win-win" has reason to believe that the cooperation of partners: to create value for customers is not an empty talk.

Dingou to achieve "win-win" depends on the trust of consumers
From "MEA" to "MIXTIE" brand upgrades, 12 years of pursuit of apparel quality, Dingou persists with the consumers to work together, she has received more and more modern fashion women with unique design and excellent quality. Like and sought after. The brand itself has a strong market advantage in terms of overall positioning and brand image, as well as apparel design, production, company strength and brand reputation. At present, Dingou has reached more than 200 terminal sales points in China, covering more than 20 provinces.

With the expansion of the scope of franchise agencies, the consumer market is also growing. Dingou gradually establishes a comprehensive membership management system. The total number of Dingou members in China reaches 60,000, and the main consumer groups are modern metropolitan women (between 25 and 35). First-tier cities, capital cities, and second-tier cities will cover three-tier fashion cities. According to the analysis of the member management information system, more than 90% of consumers are from members, and 80% of members have more than two times of consumption records.
Dingou pays attention to the maintenance of old customers, and attracts new customers through word of mouth and commodities. In addition to strict quality control and stylish city sense, sales services include spending points, holidays and birthdays, and birthday blessings or gifts to encourage old customers to spend for a long time. At the same time, strengthen communication and exchange with consumers, and properly handle customer opinions. All Dingou stores including partners and self-operated stores can meet and communicate with customers face-to-face and communicate with customers through sales data and customer service to better and faster adjust products and improve services.
In addition, Dingou each launch of the series of clothing, fashion boutiques, jewelry, the latest discount promotions and other promotional activities will be new albums, website updates, SMS, advertising, corporate newspapers, greeting cards and other forms of publicity announced, members can be in the nearest Real shop reserved. Smooth and unobstructed communication, thus enhancing consumers' recognition and loyalty to Dingou. Dingou's "win-win" has reason to convince consumers that the highest level of service for consumers is to move customers.

If you say that the beginning of a company is to achieve a goal, then it is the customer's support that needs the firm's long-term success. Ever since, Dingou has been committed to creating a trustworthy brand “MIXTIE” for all partners and consumers. Through this company’s internal professional management staff, Dingou has been able to create a trustworthy brand. If there are so many excellent designers in the company, only the partners can rest assured that they can trust and achieve a “win-win” situation. Then the belief and vision to promote the in-depth development of the garment industry will be talked about.

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