Seasonal classic leather trend review

Lead: White dew, solar temperature, morning and evening temperatures are particularly low. Everyone began to add coats. What's the best thing to wear at this time? Let Jiaren's senior fashion editors and trends represent Han Huo-hsin to reveal the best seasonal items for everyone.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图1)

Han Huo-huo said in an interview:

It is best to wear classic styles when changing seasons, like suits or small leather garments are good choices. Sooner or later, the addition of leather garments is the preferred choice for foreign people. When you feel hot at noon, you can use it on your shoulders or in your hands to score extra points.

Take a look at several major fashion brands in the 2010 autumn and winter show, you will find that this year's popular leather clothing is mostly long. Learn to match the essentials first, and go back and hurry to pick it up.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图2)

Chloe2010 autumn and winter show

With: yellow thread shirt + full brown high waist leather pants + beige boots

The female elites often shuttled in the office, this combination has not only got rid of the boring office, but also lost morale in the workplace.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图3)

Celine 2010 Fall Winter Show

Pairing: Collar Leather Black Double Breasted Coat + Black Jewel Belt + Black High Boots

Over the knee black leather collar coat, like a leather skirt, coupled with black boots, a little cold can not erode your body. The jewel belt around the waist has modified the curve of the waist, otherwise it is like a bucket.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图4)

Hermes 2010 show field

With: Black hat + Full black dress + Black sweater + Leather tie + Full leather high-heeled boots

IT girls always focus on some lightweight when choosing leather outfits. This all-leather dress is with everyone's heart.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图5)

Louis Vuitton 2010 Show

With: Plush buckle light gray full leather coat + LV gray handbag + dark gray woolen knee skirt + gray high heels

This collocation distributes a rich aristocratic temperament, neat cuts need to have enough gas field mature to control oh.

Editor reminds: Leather is already relatively heavy from the texture, so in the match must pay attention to the choice of color similar clothes, will not be favoritism.

换季经典皮衣 潮流大回顾(图6)

Christian Dior 2010 Fall Winter Show

Pairing: Purple-red fur collar coat + Red striped chiffon skirt + purple socks + purple high-heeled short boots

Red is the popular color of this year. The red coat is like the sun on the body in autumn and winter. With such a combination, after taking off the heavy leather coat, you can still pink and lovely.

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