Where the children are invited to go pocket clothing Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, Guizhou joined the agent

Where the pocket children's clothing, children's clothing to create the first best-selling brand, are invited to Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, Guizhou joined the agent. According to "China's children's wear market analysis and investment advisory report" pointed out that China's consumption of children's clothing are showing double-digit growth, children's clothing has become a new growth point for the apparel industry. Moreover, as household incomes have further increased and urban and rural residents have gradually reached a comfortable standard of living, the consumer demand in China's children's wear market has shifted from the utilitarian type that meets the basic needs in the past to the pursuit of aesthetics. Some economically developed cities and consumers Demand for children's clothing trends, brand. Where pocket is born under the premise of this market. Where paternity children's wear, designed to create a healthy and comfortable children's dress, so that every child can grow in a happy world! Unique design style to attract a large number of rational and pursuit of taste of consumer groups in the Pearl River Delta region, with a complete, full of industrial chain, in Shanghai have a professional high standards and keen sense of fashion sense of the design headquarters. Have a vibrant sales force, showing a strong market impact. And in a short period of time has made leaps and bounds. Where the development of children's clothing, can not do without the company's strong strength. Zhongshan Senmai Garments Co., Ltd. is a member of Minsen Group, one of the largest children's wear production bases in the world. It is a large-scale modern apparel company with 20 years of brand children's wear design, production, sales and service. The company has 20,000 square Meters of the industrial zone and the beautiful green park, under the name of Zhongshan Rongsen Knitting Garment Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Hong Sen Garment Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Zhengye Garment Co., Ltd. 6 garment factories and logistics facilities and other facilities, In 2003, the company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental certification. The company not only the strength of capital, but also talent, the existing staff of more than 6,000 people, the average monthly production capacity of 1,500,000, annual sales of more than 460 million yuan. We have a total of more than 300 managers, designers and senior technicians. We have strong capabilities in marketing management, design and production, product innovation, corporate and brand culture, logistics and information management. In recent years, due to the rapid expansion of domestic market demand, the company started registering the trademark of "Fun World Whereabouts" in 2006 and started to promote the domestic market. In the group company strong financial strength, the formation of Zhongshan Senmai Garments Co., Ltd. is committed to developing promotional "funworld where pocket" brand children's domestic market. Now in most cities in the country opened up a more stable sales network, and showed a rapid blowout expansion momentum. Where pocket, now the national investment, looking forward to working with you! Create the first Chinese children's wear best-selling brand!

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