Teach you how to choose tablecloth

When guests visit, it is a bit rude to use the old tablecloth to greet. In order to respond to the emergency, you can prepare several neat and fresh tablecloths in advance. There is no need to choose a type that is too luxurious. It is enough to have a clean and plain color or natural material. If you can have a white background with embroidery, the effect will be more perfect.

If the tablecloth is broken, you can embroider it with a floral ornament on it.

The usual use of tablecloths, you should choose several models of their own unique (same) style alternate use. If you use different styles of tablecloths according to your preferences, it is better to replace them with the same tablecloths you like. Although some people think that changing patterns will bring good mood, but you can really relax yourself, or use them often. The simple and neat style.

White or colorless effect... gives a natural and calm feeling.

Plaid... a casual atmosphere with a family atmosphere.

Dark blue... calm and noble feeling, dirt will not be obvious.

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