2010 Korean style color girl interpretation of fashion personality cowboy trend

Known in the country all over the world famous women's fashion Humen, there is a dedicated to create a stylish personality jeans trend of the brand - color girl. Color girls denim apparel focus on product design, quality control of the market, and a unique brand management philosophy, combined with a strong sales network lineup, has formed in the domestic apparel market, "color by me," the trend of personality jeans, so that the majority of women Consumer full youth color, highlight the charm of youth. Personalized design concept Color girl denim apparel located in the 22-35 year-old high-income fashion women, the design are from the designer handwriting, closely follow the international fashion, adhering to the new European design concept, combined with Oriental women's unique shape-based design , Will be avant-garde fashion, detached from the pursuit of natural life into clothing apparel, to create a combination of fashion and leisure, and then matched with all kinds of jewelry Dingzhu clever embellishment, interpretation of urban women's personality trend of youthful charm, to achieve a healthy and natural Slim The body's effect, thus forming a striking style. And fine workmanship, unique creativity, innovative design, individuality publicity, simple and elegant style and nostalgic popular colors of the essence of the design of the brand is the perfect interpretation of the concept of a perfect. The quality of the market determines the history of the development of the color girl denim apparel, we found that it can be described as the birth of the "cowboy family," the company established in 1990, the apparel company, its predecessor has been engaged in denim apparel industry, but initially the main face of the international market, And now also maintain the relevant business. From the accumulation of long-term process, the color of the girls pay more attention to product quality, raw materials are used in line with national standards, more part of the introduction of France, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other regions of high-end fabrics. "Although we have long been from the foreign trade transformation for the domestic market brand management, and the current foreign trade market can say that there is no profit, but the market of independent brands are also the peak season, in order to ensure the company's production capacity, only in the off-season When the co-production workers with foreign trade production, so if customers are anxious to ship in time to provide. "Color girl marketing manager Qiu Jiaying explained the company's brand and the combination of foreign trade business model. At the same time, she said combining with the foreign trade mode will enable the Company to quickly grasp the international market trend and grasp the international trend. Although the method of ensuring the productivity of foreign trade will increase the cost of business operations, Qiu Jiaying said she would rather make a profit margin and would not be willing to dump goods from other merchants when the goods are tight because the brands that have been in business for so many years may be because of one Inverted and damaged brand image, and this is also responsible for dealers throughout the years have been supporting each other. Perhaps because of this, now the color girl's seasons have not changed too much volatility, even the off-season, there are thousands of pieces of goods sent to all parts of the country every day. Compared with the fast-moving business model, Qiu Jia-ying positioning the company as a "steady stream" of the company, and she believes that many day after day trickling will flow into the river.

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