Winter new vest odbo grace and coexistence of temperature

Winter is always how to escape bloated dress, fat great down jacket is not your body suddenly disappeared? Want to keep the temperature, but also want to retain demeanor, vest vest fashion may be able to help you. odbo Opel women's winter fashion new vest vest, allowing you to easily wear a casual and handsome, but also bring warm feeling of intimate.

欧宝 - odbo

Hem natural hem, forming a unique style. Midline and zipper design enriches the sense of hierarchy, together with the same series of dress, not only integrated visual effects, but also bring a different sensory experience, and woolen fabric has a good warmth, so your winter coexistence of temperature and temperature .

冬装新款背心马甲 odbo风度与温度并存

Winter cotton vest is essential, irregular hem, with black embellishment for the overall design enhances the sense of detail, more stylish warmth and visual effects, to bring you the vitality of winter.

冬装新款背心马甲 odbo风度与温度并存

The front placket strap design, the overall look more avant-garde, in any case with all make you look more vibrant in winter, so that the whole winter filled with light feeling.

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