When the winter solstice how to match with the clothing

Many people do not know exactly whether today's winter solstice or the winter solstice, the real winter solstice is on December 22, and today the 21st is the winter solstice night, in this winter solstice there are some local customs must eat delicious winter solstice, there are As the saying goes, "some winter solstice night eat, did not have to eat frozen overnight," the practice has been circulating with you today to treat yourself with a big meal? Winter solstice clothing how to match? ECA Women teach you elegant women's dress up.


Photo credit: ECA Women's 2013 Fall Winter Collection

Blue sweater dress, elegant temperament filling, the blue itself with a melancholy feeling, coupled with pure white dress, that is elegant with the beauty of women, there are classic colors, it is suitable for you mature.

冬至是什么时候 服装该怎么搭配

Polar Blue is a dazzling color, has been very popular since the popular female favorite, this navy blue trench coat style, coupled with light-colored denim style, white high waist casual pants match, showing the straightforward character of women, shawl Long hair 耷 pull in the shoulder there is a kind of female charm.

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