AQSIQ sampling down jacket: Jeanswest and other black list

Downhill weather, down jacket into the traditional peak season, due to the impact of bird flu in the first half, down prices doubled, which resulted in overall down jacket prices this year. To save costs, some businesses play a little thought. Recently, AQSIQ announced the results of national sampling down jacket, Jeanswest, seven Bohui and other brands down jacket because of the ingredients on the black list. December 30, 2013, reporters visited the market in Changsha, did not find the problem batches of products, but the product quality is uneven, and some products do not even have the certificate and other tag. Business sector reminds consumers, down prices higher, dozens of yuan to buy low-priced down jacket. Down prices this year, the general rise in short paragraph to more than 1800 yuan down jacket, long paragraph plus fur collar down jacket is sold more than 2,000 yuan. Sales staff said the price of down jackets this year rose about 30% over last year. Reporters noted that Jeanswest down jacket price between 300 to 500 yuan. Asked about the reasons for price increases, a number of down jacket sales staff said the impact of bird flu, feather prices is the main reason, the data show that from November 2012 onwards, down the price volatility increasing, white duck down from the original 280 yuan / kg Soaring to 630 yuan / kg, goose down prices over 1,000 yuan / kg, then declined, but the increase was significant. Jeanswest brand ingredients such as counterfeiting in the case of rising raw materials, some businesses play a component of fraud, in order to reduce costs. AQSIQ announced the national sampling results down jacket, Jeanswest, seven Bohui and other brands down jacket because of the composition on the black list. Reporters from the State Administration of Quality Supervision released a list of unqualified, seven wave Brilliant production of 2013-08 / 1313200 batch of down jackets down cashmere volume was 67.0%, the measured value was only 36.8%; Jeanswest 2013- 07 / batch of men's down jacket down cashmere volume was 87.0%, the measured value of only 82.3%. In addition, Wuxi Sun Moon Goddess Garments Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Dahua Garments Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Aogei Garment Co., Ltd. produced some batches down jacket there is the problem of composition fraud. Reminder to buy down jacket Six tips A look: with or without product quality labels, test reports, the type of feather on the label, cashmere volume and charge velvet volume is clearly marked. Second touch: quality down jacket feels soft touch, a complete piece of hair. Three press: press down jacket by hand, then release. If you quickly rebound to restore the status quo, down fluffy degree. Rebound poor, carrying a heavy feeling in his hand, then shows a low cashmere content, or may be mixed with a certain amount of shavings or pulverized hairs. Four shots: patted a beat down jacket, if there is a down ran out, or dust spills at the pin, then explain the fabric anti-drill cashmere poor, this down jacket will be more through the thin. Five News: nose close down jacket smell, if there is obvious smell or odor, it is possible to fill the poor quality feathers, it is recommended not to buy. Six 掂: 掂 a 掂 down jacket weight, in comparison, the lighter weight, the larger the better.

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