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Every time I walk into the coffee shop, I slow down. If your mix reminds you of the song, you've successfully created elegant mature women. When you see a dress, you will think of such a mood Lyrics, which is how to do it? Thousands of women teach you how to dress up fashion mature, so you earn enough football in the corner cafe.


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Wool is the most thin and warm winter style, is the first choice for MM, dark blue wool jacket, simple and atmospheric dress, coupled with a blue pencil pants, that is, was thin and tall body, coupled with a Dotted dotted color handbags, very feminine Oh.

毛呢内搭什么款式好看 毛呢外套怎么搭配

Gray gray wool style, another significant figure dress, who said that winter is bloated season, wool style warm and stylish, farewell bloated winter, gray long coat with a pair of wool coat with a pair of Martin boots, simple and stylish .

Coated Denim refers to a product that is uniformly coated on the surface of a Denim to form a film of a polymer compound, which changes the appearance, style, or functionality of the fabric, thereby increasing the added value of the product.

In accordance with its special features classification, style coating, such as pan-old, film sense, wax sense, paper sense, etc .; special functional coating such as water pressure, waterproof moisture, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant and so on.

Denim fabric transparent plastic coating, color plastic coating and gold, silver powder coating special effects, with a different washing process such as: general wash, rinse, yeast and yeast, etc., finishing the denim color rich, become Home textiles and clothing industry fashion preferred fabric, while inspiring denim clothing designer's creative inspiration.

Coated Denim

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