White Love Christmas white dress wear skills

When all the luster of light comes together, it becomes white. White is the inspirational creation, reminiscent of the beauty of the fairy tale, but also bring a fresh sense of reality. When you wear a large area of ​​white, you can use black to do the decoration, with beautiful colors to do embellishment, so that the overall level of rich and three-dimensional. The pace of Christmas day by day approaching, MM's wardrobe there is no ready to white clothes with the following recommended several models to participate in the Christmas party with a demonstration.


White with demonstration -1

Fluffy fabric gives a warm atmosphere, with dazzling fluorescent green with, is definitely the focus of winter. White cotton T collar, green dots and green pants echoes. This set gives a fresh, comfortable feeling.

The structure of the sole is quite complex. In a broad sense, it can include all the materials that make up the bottom, such as the Outsole, the midsole and the heel. In a narrow sense, it only refers to the outsole. Generally speaking, the common characteristics of sole materials should be wear-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure resistant, impact resistant, elastic, easy to fit the foot type, not easy to change after setting, heat preservation, easy to absorb moisture, etc. at the same time, it should cooperate with the midsole, and have the brake function when walking to change the foot, not causing slipping and easy to stop, etc. There are many kinds of sole materials, which can be divided into natural and synthetic ones. Natural base materials include natural base leather, bamboo, wood, etc., while synthetic base materials include rubber, plastic, rubber plastic composite materials, recycled leather, elastic cardboard.


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