Marc Jacobs 09 Fall Winter New York clothing ignore the economic crisis

Marc Jacobs (handbag) this season passed us the retro sentiment of the 1980s, he said: "The doom in 2009 is coming, and fashion will be the doom of this doom, this show allows us to recall the past, New York, a beautiful fashion , This dress will make people feel happy. "In the show opening is gray sweater cardigan, dress like we show half of the traditional innovation shift, from small dress tailoring, fabric choice, wide shoulder design and generous jeans and high waist Bottoms are continuation of the brand gorgeous line, and did not care about the current economic situation. Marc Jacobs is definitely one of the designers who showcasing his sturdy enthusiasm. He does not care about the current economic situation. At least 1,000 people have rejected his invitation on the invitation list. Now he has no choice Women will be willing to spend a lot of money to buy clothes that make them feel good, maybe this show is a Marc Jacobs bet. Photo: Brilliance 80's, starting from MJ Marc Jacobs celebrated the rejuvenation of the 1980s with a carnival-style remembrance of the model makeup hairstyle and clothes just as Duran Duran and Grace Jones were on the pitch. When other designers are doing "practical", he gave the answer is: I want to reproduce New York once brilliant, although those bustling never come back. Yes, no matter who fashion trends to consult this season, I believe he will give an answer - "80's." So, it's time to turn out the clothes the mothers are squeezing in the box, and you'll find out the outdated and vulgar cuts or silhouettes that have come to be the most fashionable outfits on the T stage. Let's fight the mother of our young age!

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