Underwear world of Ferrari - Paola Noir autumn and winter luxury worship

Paramount, the top lingerie brand known as the Ferrari of the underwear world, will become the new darling of the luxury ladies in the Central Region with ultra-low profile and high quality.

With the price of $ 9,680 to $ 19,800, the ladies are flocking to the throne. Precisely because they are as precious as jewelery, they can only be displayed in boutique glass windows, protected by the greenhouse flowers, as rare as diamonds, The whole station only this one, the limit, the limit sale sold exclusively, all service personnel must be covered with white gloves in order to pass, even want to try on the customers, but also by the service personnel first carefully and carefully tailored before To ensure that the goods do not over-pull caused damage, but also to find the perfect fit their own parah Noir.

Parah from Italy, a darling of dignitaries, because of fashion without borders, unlimited respect pet, underwear is no longer just a woman's second layer of skin has evolved into a personal press box treasure private collections, and parah Noir is Is the world's top standard lingerie, but also a new brand, represents a new high-quality series, hoping to return to each woman's fanatical worship of underwear, as well as the pursuit of fashion, in 2008 the top parah Noir must have swept The whole world.

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