"Mars poem," the second batch of 09 spring and summer orders will be held soon

Time: November 25-28 Shenzhen Tailensi Industry Co., Ltd. for the Yangtze River Enterprises Group affiliated enterprises, mainly to operate "Ma Shi can be" mainly in the high-end boutique women, "Ma Shi Ke" clothing is in mainland China, Hong Kong Registered international brands, mainly for 25-35-year-old elegant, stylish urban women's brand of women's design, with simple and smooth lines, free and easy interpretation of the interpretation of the Oriental women's romantic feelings. With its product, price, brand, service and management as backing, Maxine can reduce the cost of sales to the lowest through unifying price, unified image, unified service, unified management, uniform quality, unified supply configuration and unified advertising means , So that the most attractive products, the best service directly to consumers. To "the interests of the franchisee is our guarantee of security" for business purposes, for agents to create a low-risk, high return on investment opportunities. Maxico 23-35-year-old female urban knowledge of the customer base to the group's lifestyle as the basic product development and design. A comprehensive interpretation of the "confident, exciting, stylish" design theme. "Maxico" fabrics using cotton, Jinmian, modal, silk, hemp, and other natural fibers and blended fibers as the main body will be comfortable, natural, breathable, hygroscopic good fabric characteristics to play most vividly. Style is a single product is reasonable, strong wear, mutual enrichment with each other. Color pursuit of the perfect combination of fashion and brand personality. With the theme of fashion color, but without prejudice to the popular, each quarter will launch 4-6 color, the overall feeling is natural, saturated, harmonious color combinations. Maxico gives full play to the creativity and inspiration of the designer group. There are many ways to do it: printing, embroidery, hand-drawing, beading and fabric three-dimensional modeling etc. Using exquisite craftsmanship and pattern to create a modern knowledge of women's natural, calm, elegant, Healthy image. Shenzhen Tailun Si Industrial Co., Ltd. Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Bagua Road 525 East Building, sixth floor Post Code: 518029 Join Hotline: Website: http:// E-MAIL: [email protected]

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