MAX & Co. The latest spring and summer fashion show

Recently, at the invitation of the famous Italian women's clothing brand MAX & Co., numerous professional fashion people and VIP guests enjoyed a cozy afternoon tea in the modern and privacy boutique hotel suite. The event selected by the hotel from the 1920s transformation of the old house made, many today's hottest design masters personally surgeon, so she perfectly combines the traditional Chinese elements and the concept of modern simplicity, and has always focused on art and fashion The combination of MAX & Co. complement each other, becoming the most appropriate fashion to convey the trend of elegant "home." The lush plants in the living room seem to take you to a romantic tropical garden, perfect for exotic prints, sahara miniskirts and smooth flowing T-shirts. Handbags, necklaces and accessories are found everywhere in the living room, revealing the fashion tastes MAX & Co. pursues for the perfect detail. Modern sense of full high heels, patent leather flat with dance shoes and spring boots are also popular this season single product, and patent leather or flash fabric retro style backpack must be the overall styling touch. Into the warm and romantic hostess bedroom, colorful print dress covered bed, delicate materials and soft colors to show the elegant and romantic light feeling, add enthusiasm for the upcoming summer add charm. A row of carved white wardrobe display a variety of easy to match the new spring and summer clothing, reflecting the extraordinary taste is also practical. The models wore the latest collections in the various sections Lightly strolled through the stylish houses of MAX & Co. The brand leader, Kammy Chung, shares the season's trends and creative ideas with the media and VIPs. Guests enjoy the afternoon tea in a stylish home filled with European flavor, and experience the charm of fashion from the spring and summer series of MAX & Co.09.

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