Carmen Karman brand women passionate fashion elegant

In recent years, Karman Fashion has accelerated the pace of international operations. The Hong Kong Operations Headquarters has set up a vertical marketing and customer service center in mainland China and established a R & D and logistics base in Humen, the capital of fashionable women's capital. The market network has rapidly expanded to Southeast Asia, China Mainland and other regions, now has more than 100 sales terminals. Into the mainland market by the end of 2007, with the international fashion factor, elegant style of fashion living in the ranks of the mainland high-level women's; owned carmen, sanos, A. design and Parketti four independent clothing brands, are renowned in the women's clothing market, especially the carmen series, with its unique "passion, fashion, elegance," style style, become a shining pearl in the fashion industry , Has won the "International Miss China contest designated clothing brand", "12th China International Fashion Fair invited brand" and other awards, by the urban fashion favorite of women.

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