Denim industry: domestic market has a lot of space

November 11, 2008 National Conference denim industry held in Haining, Zhejiang. "Due to the adjustment of macro policies and the weakened demand in the international market, the export of textile industry slowed down, profits dropped sharply, and losses were aggravated, of which the denim industry was more difficult." Vice Chairman of China Textile Industry Association, China Cotton Textile Industry Association Long Xu Wenying said. This annual meeting of denim is held in this context. According to Xu Wenying introduction, from January to September this year, China's cotton denim exports 353 million meters, an increase of 19.28%, the price increased 7.43%; blended denim exports 116 million meters, an increase of 15.95%, the price increased by 13.14%. Although export data is increasing, Wu Yongping, deputy chief editor of China Cotton Textile Information Network, believes that many of these products are exported through processing trade and the profits are very low, so the enterprises feel very difficult. This year, Xiqiao area denim fabricator operating rate continued to decline. Xu Wenying predicts that this year's denim production will continue to decline over the previous year. A survey by Cotton Incorporated of the United States shows that North America, which accounts for 39% of global denim consumption, decided not to buy clothing due to the financial crisis. However, Chinese consumers hold a lower rate of denim clothing, domestic market has great room for development. "Green dyeing and finishing technology, energy saving dyeing and finishing processing technology promotion and application of denim industry is healthy and sustainable development requirements and inevitable trend." Xu Wenying said. Delegates at the meeting on energy saving topics discussed and exchanged. Haining Octagon Cloth Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Jianliang that the products provided to consumers must be environmentally safe, it can only be regarded as a veritable brand-name products. Zibo Lan Yan Group Co., Ltd. has invested 11 million yuan, the use of new technology and new technology, the use of new pigments, the stereotypes of traditional equipment to transform and improve the level of environmental protection. Nearly 200 people attended the meeting, which greatly exceeded the expectation of the organizer China Cotton Textile Industry Association. "Although the industry is very difficult now, everyone is optimistic about the future," a business representative told reporters.

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