Hubei cottonseed price drop yarn price steadily dropped

Hubei Jingmen Seed Cotton purchase price is 4.25-4.3 yuan/kg (about 38% of clothes, water content is about 12%), 200 companies are purchasing about 90,000 kilograms per day, 400 companies are purchasing about 200,000 kilograms per day, cottonseed The price is 1.25 yuan/kg (light seed), which is 0.03 yuan/kg lower than the previous few days. The processing cost of the hessian cotton is about 18,700 yuan/ton. According to the current price, the cotton enterprise basically has no profit or even loses money. Therefore, the 200 model The progress of corporate acquisitions has slowed.

In recent days, local cotton yarn prices have dropped steadily, and they are still relatively popular in 32S and 40S. The transaction volume of polyester/cotton yarns is not large, and the price situation continues to show a consolidation trend. Individual varieties of cotton yarns have steadily declined, and 30S volume has been enlarged; pure polyester yarn Stable prices, 45S market sales can still be.


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