Italy Feiya fashion women to create distinctive beauty

Buy clothes is to buy beautiful, and now we wear clothes in addition to comfort fit, more is to reflect a kind of the United States, the personality, the brand's spiritual pursuit of the non-material, is a self-image of a positive and realization. The United States is the basic characteristics of our apparel products, then the place to sell clothing, clothing sales people should first show the United States. In order to save electricity without lighting, in order to prevent dust without dismantling the display, employees do not work without makeup, the cash register disorderly, the shop uses flower car sales, shop self-made, hand-painted promotional posters, etc., all violations of the principles and behavior of the United States will The "beauty of clothing" greatly reduced, no performance or even lost.


Italy Feiyan brand women to appeal to the fashion point of cheap fashion, the unique urban flavor, unrestrained sunshine temperament, showing a relaxed and happy attitude to life. This attitude coincides with the contemporary concept of consumer resonance, thus leveraging the end-consumer pattern. Accordance with the Philippine brand to join the brand agent for many years concluded that "a good marketing is not how much, but whether or not to apply."

Intentionally Feiya women specially formulated a number of sets of measures to local conditions of propaganda. And the use of a powerful e-commerce platform to carry out online services to meet the local Acciya women's promotional stores and the demand for online panic, so that dealers can retain every desire to buy a customer, covering both traditional and modern consumption Groups, joining the Philippine trend of women's clothing, so that investment appreciation, earnings doubled.

意菲雅时尚女装 缔造与众不同的美

The Italian-Italian brand serves urban women who are full of positive, intellectual and beautiful dreams for their lifestyle. "Yi Fei Ya" is oriented by the trend of international fashion. "Yi Fei Ya" is designed to meet the fashion demands of domestic urban women at the same time. "Yi Fei Ya" pursues the concept of "noble, elegant, confident and generous" Ya "strive for the perfect cut to create a feminine unique soft.

"Italian Faye" brand of traditional and modern fashion blend of clothing culture, the use of language, decoration style, product display, background music and other props allow consumers to feel the brand culture and spirit. At the same time, after consumers purchase products to reach a certain amount, they give gifts. They hold regular exchange activities to provide customers with an exchange platform for sharing rich social resources.

Therefore, we must bear in mind the basic principle of "selling clothes as an image to sell". All the operations of the store must be based on the principle of "beauty" and firmly establish and carefully safeguard the "beauty" standard. Only in this way, our shops, Only in the brutal and fierce competition in the market to find their own distinctive "beauty", it may grow and develop from one victory to another victory.

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