Snow Fanni 2012 spring and summer flowers to create beautiful women

Spring is the season in which flowers bloom one after another, and the flowers and motifs make the fourth tide of spring and summer. Like black and white gray low-key colors of women must change colors in the spring, because both the US luxury brand or high street tide brand, bright-colored clothing has been demonstrated in the shop the most prominent position. Phosphor, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green and other eye-catching colors, even if you look at people feel good mood. But at the same time, many women are worried that "flowers" will appear rustic, thus giving up this feminine choice! Snow Van Niu 2012 spring and summer new to tell you, in fact, as long as according to their own temperament choose to complement each other flower patterns, while paying attention to with pure shoes and handbags, reducing the complexity of the accessories, every woman can become the most beautiful flower.

雪凡妮 - SOFANI



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