Bear B Qi children's clothing to create a warm and full of childlike world

Winnie B Ki design originated from the European and Korean style, combined with the characteristics of children, to grasp the pulse of fashion trends, focusing on reflecting the characteristics of comfort, environmental protection, humanity, to achieve popular and practical integration, coexistence of fashion and health. "Bear B Bitch" will be with you into a warm and full of childlike world. "Bear B Bitch" brand identity healthy and lovely, helpful, lively cartoon image, and promote the "Bear B Bitch" love children, educate children's cultural ideas. The company dedicated to the children, "Bear B Qi" not only as a garment, but also as a gift of childhood, a lifetime of the best time, the best memory! "Bear B Bitch" to "fashion and leisure" as the development direction, with a sound product structure, bright colors to spread and promote children's healthy sunshine dress.

Our cashmere accessories are a must-have in a contemporary wardrobe. Be it a fingerless glove,  a mixed color cape, or a fur-pom beanie hat, each provides an extra layer of warmth and chic to your whole look. Browse through to find your favorite add-ons. 

Women'S Cashmere Hats

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