Romantic spring 2012 new underwear lingerie storm hit

The "Romantic Spring" underwear chain has been blooming all over China. The network covers most parts of China, including South China, East China, North China, Southwest China and Northeast China. In 2010, it became the most popular and profitable underwear brand in southern China. Covering the sales area has a strong brand awareness and reputation. With the strength and scale of Guangdong Hongjie underwear, "Romantic Spring" strives to realize 1000 store chain in 2012, and plans to realize the overall listing of the company in 2014, and strive to achieve the grand ambition of Wandian chain in 2020. The "Romantic Spring "underwear brand chain to build China's most competitive and influential underwear chain brand.

浪漫春天2012新款内衣 内衣风暴性感来袭

浪漫春天2012新款内衣 内衣风暴性感来袭

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