German heimtextil trade fair again highlights sustainable textiles

In 2012, Heimtextil am Main in Frankfurt was held from January 11th to January 14th, 2012. All product groups showed new design and innovative features. 2,634 exhibitors from around the world displayed their materials, colors, patterns and shapes. Their design and innovation will dominate next year's fashion.

The International Trade Fair for Household and Commercial Textiles left a deep impression on flooring, upholstery and furniture fabrics, curtains and awnings, wallpapers and wall coverings. Similarly, the fair also showed the latest trends in bathroom fabrics, bed fabrics and table linens. Sustainable production products once again caught the attention of visitors at the Heimtextil Trade Fair.

Sustainable products first appeared in the fashion of clothing, and now sustainable products enter the family: the colors frequently used in home textiles are gray stone, plum, red raspberry, eggplant, and green. Green is definitely the emerging colour at the Heimtextil trade fair, often combined with light green, corn, beige or curry tones.

The more elegant the fabric is, the darker the color is, and then the subtle luster of the fabric is added, or a special effect line interweaves. Therefore, the fabric looks slightly glazed.

The fabric uses natural color combinations such as brown, gray and beige, or control colors such as black and white, bold and clear patterns. The weaving structure is more complicated. Ribs, embroideries, deformations, decorations, pleats, decorative yarns or small ribbons add more ornamentation to the fabric. In particular, monochrome fabrics, or tonal patterns, have no dominant visual effects due to their structural adjustments, leaving a deeper impression.

The range of fabric patterns ranges from various floral decorations and all stripes to huge flowers and all geometric designs (up to 30 cm wide). However, on the whole, the decoration is more delicate than in previous years, and the color combination is more conservative than in previous years. Various natural and synthetic yarns often achieve special optical effects in subtle and complex ways.

The gorgeous transparent and translucent fabrics also give people more fashion-conscious impressions. For example, tulle, once white and beige, is now available in many colors.

These delicately woven materials are often supplemented with additional decorations such as woven lurex yarn, embroidery, crystallized gemstones or sequins. The use of chemical dissolution to burn out decorative motifs on fabrics is considered one of the most advanced future products at the Heimtextil trade fair. Normally, there are alternate matte and glossy effects. In the decorative fabrics, many monochrome patterns were exhibited at the Heimtextil trade fair.

In this group of products, a variety of fibers have been specially blended with the main purpose of enhancing practicality and making the garment firm. Many decorative fabrics have a clearly handmade traditional pattern. Due to the powerful forms of color rendering, they create a thorough contemporary influence. Hundreds of artificial leathers of different colors also appeared at trade fairs, as imitation leather, or in striking modern designs at trade fairs.

The shades, colors, and combinations of shades are now almost limitless. Plain white and patterns, from translucent to dizzy. At the Heimtextil fair, a special eye-catcher was the double blind, which was composed of transparent and non-transparent stripes, allowing us to adjust the shadow and privacy very precisely. Shutters can now be easily mounted on window frames. New style shutters can be pushed up and down to varying degrees in front of the window.

Home textiles, including bathroom textiles, bedroom textiles and table decoration textiles, also appear in fashion colors at trade fairs such as mauve, mauve, turquoise and grey. For bed linen, big single flowers are a popular theme, with small patterns on the bedspreads or floral designs. Towels - bath towels are more extensive than ever before.

Patterns tend to have a wide range of surface colors, with stripes and lattices predominating. The Heimtextil trade fair opened a new trend: bathrobes designed for suitcases were lighter and shorter. Linens are used on tablecloths, kits and napkins more frequently than before, either in natural colors or dyed. Tablecloths often match the chair cushion covers and aprons.

Consumers are increasingly focusing on ecological awareness and responsible behavior. More and more manufacturers cater to this demand. Heimtextil provides free green guide publications that support sustainable manufacturers and distinguish them from other wide-ranging manufacturers. Visitors to trade fairs can use the guides and logos on exhibitors' booths to find those manufacturers whose products have a high quality of ecological environment or produce sustainable development.

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