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Ba Mi Nuoya made Garment Co., Ltd. is a development, design, production and sales of modern large-scale underwear manufacturing enterprises, mainly produces seamless men and women underwear and underwear, located in the main production base of China's underwear - Puning City, Guangdong Province. In 2004 the establishment of marketing center in Guangzhou, the registered company is known as Guangzhou Risheng underwear Co., Ltd., with China's well-known underwear brand "Pakistani slave."


Ba Nuo Nu underwear strength, reputable, since its inception, the size has grown, the staff has more than 600. Advanced production equipment and improve the quality management system for the production of high quality underwear laid a solid foundation, Ba Mi slave company has set up agents in a number of provinces and cities, product sales network in more than 100 cities across the country, the products are exported to Japan and South Korea Europe and the United States Middle East and other countries and regions. Has become one of the underwear brands widely known to consumers in China, by the dealers of all ages.

芭美奴品牌内裤 阳光、时尚、健康

Pakistani slave to create a "sunshine, fashion, health," underwear culture is being more and more consumer recognition and respect. Strong R & D capabilities, keeping up with the fashion trend of scientific and technological innovation, as well as long-term strategic cooperation with many world-renowned enterprises, making Pakistani slaves product development has always been in the leading domestic panties. In the future, Barranco will take the title and responsibility of "the most distinctive underwear brand in China" and ride on the international stage to create an international underwear brand with oriental ethnic characteristics.

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