Children often wear "Heelys" affect the development of children's arch

[ Ben Wang -Shoes Doctor] Recently, among teenagers, wearing "Heelys shoes" is very popular. Wearing this "Heelys shoes" is looking at walking. It is actually gliding. The child is very happy to play, but this shoe There are also many hidden dangers. There is no difference between the appearance of "Heelys shoes" and ordinary sports shoes. Turning over the soles of the shoe reveals that the heel of the sole is a little more than a normal single shoe, and each shoe leans on this one. On the streets, squares, shopping malls, and even on buses, children wearing "Heelys" can often be seen gliding. Because regular sports shop and shoe shop do not sell "Heelys shoes", the reporter conducted a search on the Internet and found that there are tens of thousands of products corresponding to "Heelys shoes". There are one, two and four rounds of styles. Points, performance, there are two kinds of manual and automatic. Many products are also under the banner of "America's authentic", with prices ranging from more than 100 to more than two hundred, with video attached to ensure one day of learning. A survey by the reporter found that children are the main force for the consumption of "Heelys". Orthopaedic experts pointed out that "Heelys" is not a means of transport, only suitable for wearing during extracurricular activities, the stability of children's ankle joints is relatively poor, it is easy to cause an ankle sprain. Long-term wear will affect children's arch development, crotch strength, and muscle coordination. Here, we still have to appeal to children who wear "Heelys shoes" to be cautious.

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