R & D led the winter fun fur big interpretation of Chic type ride

R & D is an acronym for French Romantique & Distingué, meaning elegant romancer. R & D mainly for urban women elegant, stylish, tasteful and know how to enjoy life, with French elegance into the attractive charm, the design fully experience the love of French fashion, brand products rich style, with strong, each piece Very quality details, simple but not simple. 2012 winter, R & D is also no way behind the pace of international fashion trends, there will be a sense of the interpretation of the series is almost perfect fur.

R&D领衔冬季玩味皮草 大牌演绎Chic型搭

Patchwork design choice for this fur coat showing a different three-dimensional, with the army green tight leg pants and handsome high-heeled boots, leather bag on the perfect fur coat and design, tough neutral feeling order People suddenly heartbeat.

R&D领衔冬季玩味皮草 大牌演绎Chic型搭

If a large area of ​​fur will make you feel exaggerated high-profile, then choose such a fur collar lapel coat is a good choice, the upper body dark green artistic, lower body color pants for the overall dress plus a lot of points.

R&D领衔冬季玩味皮草 大牌演绎Chic型搭

Is still not too exaggerated out of a bit of fur style, dark coffee vest mature and steady, very warm feeling, with the package hip dress quite sexy taste, red handbag lit the full dress color.

R&D领衔冬季玩味皮草 大牌演绎Chic型搭

Very able to show the taste of the fur coat dress, lace underwear to take a lot of feminine, beautiful feminine Feeling, the wind on the wrist accessories and handbags are Chic essential items to build a single product.

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