Misunderstanding of marketing practice

There are some misconceptions in the marketing theory community. These perceptions are confusing and misunderstood. In this article, the clarification is to restore the truth with the original source.

This theory is a battle between marketing theory and actual combat. China's marketing theory imports from abroad. The emergence of the word marketing in China began when China began to build a market economy. The term used earlier was taught by the school and some people engaged in theoretical research. With the deepening of China's market economy, some Chinese local enterprises have begun to rise. At the same time, some training, planning, consulting and other personnel who have not engaged in sales work have to say that they are actual combatants in order to cover up their own practical work.

But to define the actual combat faction in this way will certainly mislead some people. I don't know the difference between marketing and sales.

One of the misunderstandings: sales are actual combat, marketing is not actual combat. It is considered that the sales work that directly leads to the increase in sales volume is actual combat, and the indirect marketing activities such as promotion, public relations, and roadshow that are not easily quantified are not actual combat. This view is mostly popular with some sales people, and the longer the sales time, the more obvious this tendency. The typical phenomenon is that when sales personnel are selling at work, they only pay attention to the customers themselves, and turn a blind eye to media, public relations, roadshows and other activities. I think that is not something that sales people care about. It is often thought that the channels and terminals are in stock. If the sales are good, they will no longer be the sales staff. Look at the product itself. But I don't know, these jobs are precisely the key tools to reduce sales pressure and realize small sales. Salesmen who are lacking in marketing thoughts can only work hard, but they don’t know that using marketing ideas to think about problems often has the effect of “four or two blogs”. Activities such as public relations and roadshow planning can also bring about an increase in sales, even directly. Therefore, they are also actual combat, rather than engaging in channel work or actual combat. Sales are actual combat, and marketing is also a real battle.

Misunderstanding 2: The channel is actual combat, and the brand is not actual combat. These people believe that the work on the channel is easy to show, and today a general dealer has been developed and 20 terminals will be developed tomorrow. Really, visible, can be checked. Brand planning work is a virtual work, more is to spend the fists and embroidered legs, it is good to say, in fact, has little to do with sales, with the increase in sales, the brand is considered a retreat. This view is also quite popular among some grassroots sales people.

This view is definitely wrong. This misconception comes from a misunderstanding of the brand. What is the essence of the brand? There are two points of view that make sense: one is branding theory, the brand is based on the long-term accumulation of various work; the second is brand instrument theory. It is through the planning of an organized system that builds the brand into a tool to increase sales and price premiums. From a marketing perspective, it is more reasonable to understand the brand as a tool. If the branding tool theory is right, then successful brand planning must be able to bring an increase in sales, and this should be easy to compare. We only need to compare the sales changes in the same period. Therefore, what is the brand planning work that can lead to increased sales? As for the disagreement caused by the inconsistency in the evaluation criteria for the success of brand planning, it can be solved through the brand evaluation system. As long as the direction is right, it is easy to find an evaluation system.

The third misunderstanding: tactics are actual combat, and strategy is not actual combat. There are more arguments about strategy. The importance of direction is not to be rumored. Strategy is a path to achieving goals. The right strategy can quickly point to the target and is highly operational. It directly provides a basis for selection of various tactical work. When we searched for the root causes of many corporate failures, we found that many companies were precisely in the direction of strategy. But this did not arouse the wake of many decision makers. And this phenomenon is still spreading. When we saw that our Communist Party was propagating a certain principle, the leaders of the Communist Party always carried out and preached on various occasions, and the effect was very good. This is the reason why the strategy needs to be spoken every year, every month, every day. Regardless of strategy, the idea of ​​strategy as a deliberate work directly causes many decision makers to account for the tactical work. Therefore, tactics are pragmatic and strategic work is also practical.

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