Competitive sales law in sales activities

Competitive sales law

Sales personnel in the face-to-face product sales process, often encounter strong competition of similar products, customers often take the initiative to take the opponent's products to compare, many times the promising customers, a slight negligence will be taken away by the opponent, and the facts The products and prices of the opponents do not necessarily have much advantage. In the market environment where products are increasingly homogenized, how to establish the advantages of their own products is a problem that every salesperson must face. Learning and applying competitive sales methods can help sales personnel better analyze the situation and win customers.

When it comes to competitive sales laws, people often think of comparisons between products. When sales people encounter this situation, it is more common to list a lot of reasons to explain how the company's products are better than their competitors. However, customers have not increased their trust in sales staff. When the salesperson adopts an unorganized and blind product comparison method, the characteristics of the products are listed one by one, and when compared with the products that the customer is considering to select, the customer is telling the customer that he is a real fool. When a person likes a product, the salesperson keeps picking the flaws of the product, telling him that he has not chosen the right product, or that all his reasons are untenable. This is not a competitive sales law.

In today's market environment, similar products are becoming more and more similar, and the differences between products are very small. We must know how to make small differences play a big role, and we must also know which differences are for customers. It is important. Due to the personalization of customer needs, certain characteristics are attractive to some customers, but not to other customers; even if they like the same characteristics, the needs are different; some people may have the same needs, but the order of demand Different. Therefore, discovering the needs of customers is a very challenging part of sales. Once you know what customers want, they can know how to use their products to meet their needs. Sometimes we find that customers have more than one demand, but usually one is primary and several are secondary. Whether the secondary needs are to be clarified depends on how important they are to the customer.

In the sale, after discovering and discerning the demand, it is necessary to satisfy the customer's needs. To meet customer needs, you need to understand how customers perceive competitors' products. We can analyze the characteristics of our competitors in three aspects and compare our products with those of our competitors. Where is your product stronger than your opponent?

In what ways is your product the same as your opponent?

Where is the opponent's product better than us?

Through the above analysis, you will know which aspects should be emphasized above the opponent? It should be understood that the relative number of product features does not represent the customer's perception of your product. For the customer, the more important is the attractiveness of the customer. When customers like a certain feature of their competitors, it should be emphasized that this product also has this feature, in order to make customers think that our products are at least comparable or better than their competitors. However, it should be noted that the purpose of the competitive sales law is to enhance the goodwill of its products in the eyes of customers, rather than attacking the opponent's products, otherwise it will be suspected of belittle the opponent.

The competitive sales method is an offensive sale. The main skill is to use the FAB analysis method (features - advantages - benefits) to highlight the added value of its products. The specific steps of using the competitive sales method are:

At the beginning, customers don't think that your products can meet their needs. Therefore, we must first identify the customer's needs; then use FAB analysis to support the demand and confirm the demand; then start selling, in this step, focus on the product. The advantage is compared to the weakness of the opponent's products. Such as: this car is precious, so it is red (to meet the needs of customers), in addition, it is also emphasized that this car is very fuel-efficient, this is an additional benefit, this may not be a demand, but customers may think It is very important that when you take out the weaknesses of your opponent's products, this will become a high-quality highlight. And you don't need to mention the opponent's name.

In the case of offensive sales using the competitive sales method, if the customer's needs (primary or secondary) are not met, it may be considered a derogatory sale.

Offensive sales should have the following elements:

· Enthusiasm, strong influence, and reference to reference objects;

· Always use your own product name;

· Link your products to the immediate interests of your customers, especially those that meet customer needs;

· Emphasize the good side of your product, not the negative of your opponent's product;

· To show that your opponent's products are not bad, but your products are more suitable for the special needs of customers; as opposed to offensive, defensive sales, defensive sales can not make customers have confidence in your products, and are usually considered It is aggressive. If you have the following performance, then you are making defensive sales:

· Call your product "it"

· Use intense body language

· State the defects of the opponent's products

· mention the name of the opponent's product

In competing sales, we have to develop a strategy that uses the FAB method to show how the product interests of the opponents that the customer is considering are not as good as our products. Your product may have three situations in sales compared to your opponent: your product is inferior to competing products, comparable to or better than competing products. In the former case, the customer mainly uses the opponent's product. In this case, you must first meet the needs that the opponent is satisfying, and then take an offensive posture to make your product superior to the opponent's product.

In the second case, the customer has the same chance to use your product as the opponent's product. In this case, you must emphasize that your product meets the demand and then use a strategy to highlight the benefits of using your product. To be better than the opponent's products, you can also investigate whether the customer has other needs. In the third case, the customer mainly uses your product. In this case, you must continue to build a good image of the product in the customer's mind, establish a greater distance between your product and the opponent's product, and display your product. How to meet the needs of customers and show the added value that your product can provide.

To use the competitive sales method, we must grasp the following points:

1. Analysis of the situation 什么 What products are customers currently using?

Why do customers like this product, what is his demand?

How do our competitive products meet this demand?

2, strategy  attack! ! !

3, tactics

(1) To attack the strengths with strengths. The reason why customers use a certain product is because in his impression, the certain strength of this product is stronger than that of other products.

· Set the current goal to change the customer's impression so that this aspect of the product is equal to or stronger than the competitive product.

· What are the characteristics of the products currently in use that are the strengths of the customer's impression?

·When the customer agrees that the product is equal to or even stronger than the competitive product in this respect, discover and listen to other needs?

· Use this product to meet this demand

(2), positive attitude and image

· Shows an image of enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism.

· Using a third-party perspective, who is the third party? What information?

· Use your resources

What resources do you want to use?

What resources do you currently have at your disposal?

What additional resources/support do you need?

·More mentions of the product name of this product

· Link the characteristics of this product to the interests of the customer.

· What are the more important benefits that this product can bring to them depending on the type of customer targeted?

· Focus on the benefits that this product brings to customers, not the weaknesses of competitive products.

In the sales activities, we encounter the challenge of competing products every day. We have strategically active offensive opponents, which will win more opportunities than negative defense. Competitive sales law is a kind of weapon that is quite lethal. Will help you increase your sales.

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