2009 Brand China Women's Charity Awards Gala held in Beijing

On June 6th, the 2009 Brand China Women's Charity Awards Gala was held in Beijing Jiuhua Villa. The evening was co-hosted by Xu Haoran, one of the top ten TV show hosts in China, and Yang Juan, the famous host of Travel Satellite TV. The purpose was to take stock of the outstanding contributions of Chinese outstanding women in the rise of China and social transformation, to promote the recognition of women of the year and promote the career of Chinese women brands. Better and faster development in the new century. The scene unveiled "2009 China Top 10 Brand Women" and "60 Brand Women Affecting China's Development Process."

Winner Costume Chairman Chen Lingmei Awarded 2009 Brand Top 10 Women in China

Chen Dong won the 2009 China Top 10 Brand Women and delivered an acceptance speech

Chen Lingmei, Chairman of Shenzhen Winners Apparel Co., Ltd., Deng Yaping, Member of National Youth League, Deputy Secretary of Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, Dong Mingzhu, President of Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., Li Aijun, Chairman of Taoyuanju Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Global Marketing of Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. President Yan Xu, Executive Vice President of the China Cuisine Association, Yang Liu, President of the World Chinese Cuisine Federation, 10 Vice Presidents of Nalco Global Vice President and Greater China Region, and former Vice President of Kodak, Ye Xuan, won the 2009 China Top 10 Brand women;
Wang Yong, Secretary-General of the China Industry Alliance of Brands, spoke of the significance of the event, saying that the evaluation criteria of the 2009 Top Ten Women Brand Awards in China included public influence, spiritual values, business value, innovation value, and social responsibility. Public influence refers to the fact that individual behavior and deeds have positive and lasting influence on society. It has become a role model and model for popular learning, and has produced a great impetus for forming a good social atmosphere. Spiritual value refers to advocating or leading the times. The spirit has made great contributions to the revitalization of women's spirit; commercial value refers to making outstanding contributions to the country's economic construction, creating more employment opportunities and stimulating regional or industrial development; innovation value refers to the ability to continue In the field, it promotes change and continuously discovers and creates new values. Social responsibility refers to actively participating in various social charity activities and philanthropy and promoting the development of various public utilities.

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