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Invited by Director Ma Hui of China Huaxia Cultural Heritage Foundation, he used the weekend space to fly to Guiping City, Guangxi, together with members of the Foundation Expert Committee. The main task of my trip is to assist the Foundation in assessing the cultural heritage of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in Guiping City and provide constructive advice on the city marketing of Guiping City to better promote the development of Guiping City. After two days of intensive and intense investigations, I submitted a report on the sustainable development of urban marketing in Guiping City for the municipal government of Guiping City before leaving the city. Some of the lectures in the excerpt are as follows:

Marketing city is like a marketing company

The purpose of urban positioning is to seek differentiation to distinguish it from other cities. In recent years, the positioning of some cities in China has been relatively successful, such as the sunshine capital of Rizhao, the summer capital of China in Xining, the romantic capital of Dalian, the dynamic capital of Shenzhen, the leisure capital of Hangzhou, and so on. But just having a good city positioning is not enough. It should also be implemented in urban marketing activities. Marketing cities, like marketing companies, also need to have communication, but also need to fully understand the outside, so that the outside world can familiarize with its advantages and development prospects, thus forming a huge information flow, capital flow, material flow and talent flow in the city.

Guiping City is a city with a long history, rich resources and convenient transportation. It has a profound cultural heritage and tourism resources. Therefore, in terms of urban positioning, it is recommended to use “small folk customs, eco-tourism” as the business card of the city, and thus derive a series of urban marketing activities.

1. Create a unique Buddhist cultural tourism brand

Xishan, Guangxi Guiping is one of the Buddhist holy places in China. It is the seat of the Guangxi Buddhist Association and one of the earliest places of Buddhism in Guangxi. Buddhism was introduced to Xishan, which has a history of more than a thousand years. As early as the end of the Tang Dynasty, there were temples and monks in the west of Guiping. In Longhua Temple and Washed Stone Drainage, there were sorghums stationed in Tin. During the Republic of China, he was a great master of the Longhua Temple in the Republic of China. After the liberation, he was the vice president of the Chinese Buddhist Association. He is currently the president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, Master Jue Guang, and was also stationed at the Xilonghua Temple. The former Shijiazhuang abbot, the master of the release, was once China. Executive director of the Buddhist Association. After the release of Master Kuan Neng in 1989, people were surprised to find three crystal clear and translucent relics from her ashes. These three relics are recorded in the world by the former relic of the bhiksuni.

The Buddhist culture of Guiping City has gradually become a brand that has influence in the country and the world. Continuing the experience and prestige of holding the Buddhist super-lifting activities before, relying on Xishan Longhua Temple as one of the four major Buddhist forests in southern China, considering the relatively loose Chinese religious policy, consider making Guiping Xishan Park a large-scale Buddhist culture. Theme parks, such as the new bathing Buddha pilgrimage and pour water blessing, vegetarian food forum, and ancient tea tea performances, etc., to enhance the attraction of Buddhist cultural tourism brands. By carrying out Buddhist cultural tourism cooperation with typical Buddhist countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in the Greater Mekong River Basin, it is necessary to strengthen the exchange of Buddhist culture and promote the development of bilateral tourism. It is even possible to carry out Buddhist cultural exchange activities in Southeast Asia on a regular basis every year. Using market-oriented operation methods, you can specify drinking water, incense sticks, etc., and let the Xishan Buddhist holy land, Guiping City, become a famous tourist attraction, and gradually become a business card of Guiping City. !

2. Develop agricultural products with regional characteristics

Guiping is an important production base for grain, sugar, subtropical fruit and freshwater aquaculture in Guangxi. Famous specialty products include Xishan Tea, Ma Zhizhi, Jintian Huaishan, Luoxiu Rice Powder, Shepo Yuba, and Bauhinia Bamboo Shoots. The government of Guiping City can bring some traditional festivals such as Litchi Festival, eat new festivals (also known as new festivals), and fish festivals. As a cultural carrier, we will hold regional and even national agricultural trade fairs to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the visibility of agricultural and sideline products in Guiping.

During the fair, the China Tourism Special Food Development and Consumption Forum will also be held, and famous experts and scholars at home and abroad will be invited to discuss the development trend of China's tourism specialty foods and form a forum brand. Guiping City Agricultural Products Investment Conference and Promotion Conference can also be held to enhance its authority. At the same time, it can also be combined with Guiping City's tourism specialty food image spokesperson selection activities, bringing new points of view and selling points to the fair. While building the brand of Guiping Agricultural Products Fair, it will also promote the substantial increase in sales of agricultural products.

3. Organize ethnic minority folk activities

Guangxi is the place where the Zhuang people live together, and there are many ethnic minorities such as Zhuang and Yao in Guiping. Their traditional costumes and special songs and dances are bound to attract the interest of domestic and foreign travel enthusiasts. Guiping City can combine the living habits and folk customs of local ethnic minorities, and combine the supporting facilities of tourist attractions to hold a series of activities featuring ethnic minority characteristics, such as Zhuang folk songs and activities, Yao Panwang Festival, etc., to obtain the national resources of Guiping City. Further play, exudes all-round charm.

4. Promote the tradition of patriotism and advocate historical humanities tourism

A large-scale peasant uprising in China and even in the history of the world - the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolution broke out on January 11, 1851 in Jintian Village, Guiping City, Guangxi Province. As the source of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolution, Guiping City has attracted many tourists to visit and conduct academic research. For example, famous historians Luo Ergang and Hu Sheng have visited this place.

Located on the west side of Jintian Village, Jintian Town, 27 km north of Guiping City, Rhino Ridge is an important cultural relics protection unit and a patriotic education base of the autonomous region. Guiping City can rely on its unique historical and cultural resources to contact the colleges at the top, middle and small levels in the surrounding areas to carry out a series of patriotic education series summer camp activities, improve the popularity and reputation of Guiping tourism resources, and enhance the city brand. Influence.

Four new city business cards

I made a summary later: the four new city cards of Xishan Dharma, characteristic agricultural products, folk activities and humanities tourism should become the next stage of economic opening, municipal construction, investment promotion, environmental transformation, tourism development and urban marketing in Guiping, Guangxi. The focus is on promoting the brand. Turning its rich resource advantages into economic advantages, and comprehensively promoting the construction process of rich and civilized harmony and new Guiping.

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