Costumes: fashion men's wear with eight taboo moments in mind

Costumes: fashion men's wear with eight taboo moments in mind

We often make mistakes in dress, and some are even unforgivable. I have summarized the following eight articles:

First, wear sandals and socks

Who said that this should be placed first? I unfortunately often face people who violate this rule. I understand that when the weather cools down, we dream about summer sun, but wearing sandals and socks does not make the season change faster. If you like wearing sandals so much, then advise you to move to a hot place to live.

Second, quirky tie, shirt, boxing shorts, and so on.

Just say no! Imagine these clothes together and imagine that you will realize that they will never be popular for too long, and it will not make you look fashionable. So leave those clothes on the shelves where you find them, with smiling faces, heart-shaped patterns, reindeer, clover, animals, and a variety of other patterns.

Third, wear clothes with obvious brand labels.

This is my personal trouble. I don't want to be a mobile live ad, I believe you too. That will make you look tender. Simply wearing a designer's dress on your chest, sleeves, or anywhere will not make you look stylish. Dress it simple and simple.

Fourth, in the office backpack.

I work in an elite, high-rise office building in Seattle, filled with lawyers and a variety of other professional people. But you will always be amazed at how many people wear high-end suits but carry backpacks. Unless you are a student or climbing, don't carry the backpack back. If you need a bag for you to wear in the gym, buy a good-looking gym bag (there are many bags in the shop without a big LOGO for you to choose from), if you need a file that can be used to hold your miscellaneous, mobile, memo ..... and other packages, buy a nice MESSENGER package.

Five, big head shoes

In the 90s, the re-popularity of these shoes may be nothing, but now is the time for these stupid guys to retire. Choosing some classic design shoes will stand the test of time.

Six, sparkling shirt or coat

If you don't know what to wear in a nightclub, I can give you many better choices than those shiny and cheesy clothes. If you don't have a concept for wearing, try a fit black T-shirt or black dress shirt, you can use them with jeans and dress or casual shoes.

Seven, too fat clothes

One word, fat. Unless you are singing HIPHOP, don't wear those things. Select tailored clothing. Maybe you have to spend a lot of time trying to mix and match various cuts and styles to find the clothes that you look comfortable wearing.

Eight, no easy-to-have colors

The bright blue cashmere sweater that you discovered during the Christmas sale may be really tempting, but if it makes you look sick, then buying it will be a loss. The color of your clothes should not conflict with your own qualities (such as the color of the eyes, the tone and shape of the skin). When setting up, you should always keep this in mind.

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