Fashionable winter women's winter trend in Europe (Figure)

Fashionable winter women's winter trend in Europe (Figure)
Ouchily (Ochirly) 05 'In the winter, to get rid of heavy colors and bloated, with unlimited creativity and passion infected the entire winter. "Gongwen Garden" and "Harlem Special Economic Zone" are the two themes of the winter season, allowing fashion freedom to walk between refined, elegant and rebellious, and wild. Every appearance is a surprise and a touch.

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As we know, Disney is very famous and popular for both children and adults. This company was found by Mr Walter Disney for Cartoon. Its well-known characters at the beginning is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and Snow White. Day by day, the company created many movies and cartoons. More and more characters were born. For business purpose, derivatives came up and shoes are one of the products. For Disney shoes, there are sandals, flip flops, party shoes with heels, Flat Shoes like ballerinas, Casual Shoes like Athletics Shoes, Sneakers, white outsole shoes, even Birkenstock shoes is one of the line people like. Jelly shoe is also their loves. Girls can buy the shoes based on the characters they like. Disney Princess are for the 12 characters of Cinderella, Snow white, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Merida, Anna & Elsa (the sisters of movie FROZEN), Moana, Tinker Bell, and the little lovely princess Sofia the first who is loved by many little girls.

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