Fresh blue hipster details break through the bright magic

Fresh blue hipster details break through the bright magic

Fashion details, embellished with some casual elements, breaking the simple image. Blue, noble and generous with a bit of intellectual sex, there is a bright magic.

Nubuck leather is also called grinding; belongs to a first layer of skin in the cortex; surface polish, and suede leather body to touch, thick and soft, surface color, hair, skin, natural and not symmetry and consistency, mainly used for climbing shoes fabric. Newbago is a kind of leather material is brushed and light yellow color, the surface is processed into a similar to the first layer of skin suede nap. Because it is one of the first layer of skin, so, although the program has weakened the strength of leather brushed in a certain extent, but it's still better than general suede firm many. Newbago in the leather which belongs to the finest leather. Because of the surface without any dye and paint spraying, so if the surface scars or defects are obviously. Its surface is processed into a fluffy feeling. It is in the production process will be made of cowhide leather, with polished rod softening its surface specific fine cashmere, silky feel, pull also has certain elasticity, air permeability and good abrasion resistance and support.

Yellow/camel Nubuck Leather Shoes

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