Spring and summer choose a few bra considerations

Wear lightweight breathable summer bra, winter can wear thick warm bra, but must fit their own body size. Wear a steel ring in summer, winter do not wear steel ring. Many women are actually ignorant of knowledge of underwear , the most common is to wear the wrong bra number yards do not know, often spend money to buy the murderer (destroy their own chest type killer). Here to teach you a few strokes, intuitive and simple, everyone can easily learn.

One. Straps often fall

There may be two reasons for this phenomenon, the bra is too small loose, easy to slip off after moving up. The other is the wrong choice of shoulder strap style, each person's shoulder is different, there are wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulders, shoulders and so on, different styles of shoulder also have different styles, such as people who cut the shoulder Special attention to bra straps design can not be too lateral, to choose those adduction type design, so it is not easy to slide down.

Another common mistake about shoulder straps is too narrow and too loose. You know, most of the chest to enhance the shoulder brought, so the wider shoulder strap, the stronger the better pull. Too thin is purely decorative, play pulling force is minimal. Over time, your beautiful and firm chest will certainly be more and more vertical. Oh, it is not even in alarmist Oh.

Two. Chest cup often move up

This problem is very common, often in the public place to see JM pulled unconscious bra. Oh, this is usually because the bottom of your bra is too loose, or the size of the bra is wrong, the chest cup is too shallow and can only float like a plate on your chest. So when you lift your hand, the bra will naturally follow up.

Three chest with indentation

As soon as the bra is unbuttoned, the stamped mark on the chest obviously appears. This is even more obvious, direct description Bra cup choice is too small. You know, the rim can be just like a frame, this should fit the contour of the chest and give it a supporting force, but if it is pressed too lightly on the chest, it will be the same as sliced ​​tofu, which belongs to the chest fat to it Cut out, the breast will become smaller and smaller. You know, breast 70% of the ingredients are fat, reduce fat, naturally, the chest will shrink.

Four cup along the empty or too chest pressure

Empty description cup is too large, chest compression chest cup too small. At a glance

V. back with Le marks

This is also a very intuitive question, usually indicating that the bottom is too tight and needs to be enlarged in size. Or the bottom is too narrow, easy to get in, resulting in Le marks. To try to wear those bra straps widened. To increase support and stability, and secondly, to spread and balance fat.

Probably these five, JM if they find themselves having these problems, it should immediately go find some really professional lingerie shop to re-purchase, at least to find out in the end is how much to wear the code bra is the right Right? !

To determine whether a bra is not right, in fact, with your chest shape is directly related to different types of chest is different styles, such as serious droop to choose to enhance the full cup models, expanding the powerful to choose the side Thrust three quarters and so on cup, different.

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